Earn While You learn

earn what your baby needs and be the best parent you can be


Is "Earn While You Learn" for Me?

Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertianty. This program helps to answer many of the questions you have and helps to ease your anxiety.

You can "Earn While You Learn"-With each lesson that you complete you will earn credits for baby supplies and other materials.

Many people want to learn how to be good parents and raise a healthy, happy child.

Our center staff are available to provide support and resources during this time of transition and change.

The lessons are fun, interesting and practical. We can help you learn how to be the best parent you can be.

Earn things your baby needs:

As a part of our program, we give you an opportunity to earn credits that you can use to "purchase" materials like maternity and baby clothes, blankets, diapers, formula, and other needed supplies.

We may even have items like cribs, car seats, strollers and other baby furniture available through the program. At our centers we provide you with the opportunities to flourish as a parent. You will learn what to expect while you are pregnant, during childbirth, and how to take care of your baby.

What Types of things can you learn?

Earn While You Learn has many great topics to choose from. Give us a call or come in to sign up!

-The First Trimester

-Prenatal Care

-Eating for two

-Going it Alone

-Your developing Baby



-What's Safe, What isn't

-Bonding with your Baby

-Your Changing Body

-The Second Trimester

-Understanding Your Baby's Cry

-Your Baby's Secret World

-Reducing the Risk of SIDS

-Food For Growth

-Your Baby's Development

-Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

-Shaken Baby Syndrome

 -Car Seat Safety 

-The Third Trimester

-Getting Ready for Baby

-Eye Contact Means Love

-Infant Temperament

-The Importance of Bonding

-Infant Massage

-Newborn Care

-Bathing and Sleep

-Caring for Yourself

-The Parent-Child Relationship

-Safe from the Start

-Parenting with Respect

-Quality Child Care

-Talk, Play, Music and Reading


-Your Healthy Baby

-Ready to Learn

-Happiest Baby on the Block

 -Emergency First Aid Accidents

-Emergency First Aid Illnesses

-Your Baby Can Sleep

-Teaching Limits with Love

-Potty Training

-Benefits of Breastfeeding

-Techniques of a Good Latch

-Getting Enough Milk

-Growth Spurts and Essentials

-Returning to Work

-Introduction and Options

-Interventions and Labor

-Moving through Labor

-What to Expect

-Infant Care

-Newborn Milestones

-3 to 4 Month Milestones

-6 to 9 Month Milestones

-12 Months- Big Changes

-15 Months- Growing Up

-18 Months- Ms Personality

-2 Years- Mr Independent

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